Design your book.

You want to stand out in the marketplace with your book. 
But how?

You're wondering:

  • How is my book going to look different?
  • How do I make it stand out on Amazon?
  • How can I come across as a thought leader, not just another expert?
  • How can I set myself up for a branded series?

You don't know:

  • What kind of title people will actually buy
  • What will make you memorable and distinct for years to come
  • How to create a brand that doesn't look tacky or cheap
  • If you should just focus on your area of specialization, or aim higher

Your brand is your identity in the marketplace.

It creates alignment between what you offer, and what people want to buy.
With innovative ideas to create your identity, our team will assist in branding in your message, so you stand out with a book that sells.

You will have a book that:

  • Stands out on Amazon and from the stage
  • Hooks readers with a magnetic title and subtitle
  • Broadcasts your authentic message
  • Drives people to connect with you
  • Sets you up for a branded series of books

Design your brand.

Design your book by using Author Bridge Media's proven Book Branding System™,
so you can stand out in the marketplace and skyrocket your business.

Step 1: Brand My Title and Subtitle.

Create a powerful title and subtitle that uniquely position you in the market, and are proven to sell books before yours even hit the shelves.

Step 2: Plant Calls to Action.

Invite readers to connect with you and buy your services beyond the book, so you grow your following while catapulting your business.

Step 3: Design My Cover.

Design a visually engaging cover that conveys your message, while magnetizing customers on Amazon and at your live events.

Step 4: Lay Out the Book.

Turn the Pages. Design elegant interior pages, so your message shines through and readers are inspired to work with you.

Step 5: Define My Book Series.

Create an overall visual package that brands your identity and sets you up for a series of future books.

Three paths to design.

Author Bridge Media's Book Branding System™ will give you a quality design that lasts. Here are three paths to design your book.

Path #1: Custom.

We create your custom brand for you.
Our team captures your authentic voice
and message, and makes sure
your brand identity aligns perfectly
with what your audience wants
to hear and buy.

Path #2: Guided.

We guide you through the branding process. Through a combination of group coaching
and custom work, you walk away with a powerful brand that stands out in the marketplace.

Path #3: À La Carte.

Our branding experts can assist with any
step of the branding process you may
need. Already have a designer, but need
a title and subtitle that sells? Or do you
know your title, but want a cover that
truly stands out? Rest easy. We've got
you covered.

We guide you through the designing process.

Through a combination of group coaching and custom work, you walk away with a powerful design that stands out in the marketplace.


You can start designing your book as you Write.


When you're done designing, it's time to Publish.